In Smackover, Arkansas, we own a refinery where we process crude oil into finished products, including naphthenic lubricants, distillates, asphalt, and other immediate cuts. At this location, we also own and operate a terminal used for lubricant blending, storage, packaging, and distribution in Smackover, Arkansas. This terminal is used as our central hub for branded and private label packaged lubricants where we receive, package, and ship heavy-duty, passenger car, and industrial lubricants to a network of retailers and distributors.

A grease plant is owned in Kansas City, Missouri, that makes a wide array of commercial, industrial, and automotive greases. In Houston and Port Neches, Texas, as well as Omaha, Nebraska, we own asphalt terminals. In Beaumont, Texas, we own the Spindletop terminal where we receive natural gasoline via pipeline and then ship the product to our customers via other pipelines to which the facility is connected.