Martin Resources manufactures and markets plant nutrient sulfur products from production locations in Odessa, Texas, and Seneca, Illinois. Plant nutrient sulfur products (90% & 85% degradable pastille sulfur) are marketed under the Disper-Sul® and CSC trade name.

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Product Name Description Datasheets
Disper-Sul 90% Degradable Sulfur Pastille

Disper-Sul Pastille Water degradable sulfur is a 90% sulfur product. Martin uses only the purest sulfur combined with a special formulation of bentonite clay. When applied to the soil Disper-Sul breaks down into “micro sulfur”. This process assures you that the Disper-Sul applied today will become available plant food during the growing season.  The individual formation and hemispherical design of the pastille virtually eliminates dust formation in handling and offers uniform sizing for consistent application.

SDS Sheet
CSC-Disper-Sul 90% Elemental Sulfur Pastille

CSC Disper-Sul 90% Elemental Sulfur Pastille is an OMRI LISTED water degradable 90% Sulfur. Manufactured using only the purest sulfur and bentonite clay, with no synthetic additives, CSC Disper-Sul 90% Organic Pastille meets or exceeds OMRI listing qualifications for organic growers.

SDS Sheet
Disper-Sul 85% Pastille

Disper-Sul 85% is used in production agriculture plus it’s also OMRI LISTED for organic farming. Disper-Sul 85% has similar characteristics of Disper-Sul, but with more bentonite clay added to hasten the breakdown to “micro sulfur” in the soil profile.

SDS Sheet