Martin Sulfur provides gathering, marketing, and distribution services for United States producers and consumers of molten sulfur through an integrated system of transportation and storage assets operating primarily in the Gulf Coast region.

Today, all sulfur produced in the United States is “recovered sulfur,” a by-product of oil refining and natural gas processing operations and is maintained in liquid form at an elevated temperature (approximately 275 degrees F) from the point of production to the point of consumption or conversion to solid form. Martin Sulfur is equipped to manage these unique transportation requirements supported by a fleet of specialized assets that include inland and offshore tank barges, rail tank cars, and tank trailers.

Through an affiliated entity, Martin Sulfur offers molten sulfur storage and forming services from facilities in Beaumont, Texas, and Stockton, California. These bulk storage and forming facilities provide United States producers of molten sulfur the ability to access export markets by processing molten sulfur into a solid form (either prills or granules) better suited for long distance transportation. Once solidified, the formed sulfur is stored in open air stockpiles until ultimately reclaimed and loaded aboard dry bulk vessels bound for foreign markets.