Martin Resources manufactures and markets industrial sulfur products such as emulsified sulfur (AS-7) produced in our Nash, Texas (Texarkana) plant. Elemental pastille sulfur is manufactured in Texas at Odessa and Cactus and in Seneca, Illinois. Martin Resources’ Multipurpose Sulfur (MP) is produced in Odessa, Texas.

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Product Name Description Data Sheets
Emulsified Sulfur (AS-7)

EMULSIFIED SULFUR (AS-7) is an emulsion of 70% sulfur used mainly in pulp and paper manufacturing process.

SDS Sheet
Elemental Sulfur Pastille (99%)

ELEMENTAL SULFUR PASTILLE is 99% sulfur formed into a pastille and used in power plants, mining and chemical manufacturing.

SDS Sheet
MP-Multi Purpose Sulfur 99.5%

MP-Multi Purpose Sulfur 99.5% is a ground sulfur used in a variety of industrial applications such as mining, rubber manufacturing, and sugar processing.

SDS Sheet